Major Shake-up at Cruise: 900 Jobs Slashed Amidst Shocking Safety Scandal! What Went Wrong?

Biggest self-driving vehicle company in turmoil! Cruise, owned by General Motors, makes drastic move cutting 24% of its workforce after alarming safety incidents. Get the inside scoop on the shocking details!

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1. Cruise’s Shocking Decision: 900 Jobs Axed!

In a startling move, Cruise, the self-driving giant backed by General Motors, has slashed a whopping 900 jobs, marking a 24% reduction in its workforce. But why? Dive into the shocking revelations behind this unprecedented decision.

2. Safety Storm: Investigating Cruise’s Autonomous Nightmare

Amidst reports of pedestrians being injured, safety officials have turned their attention to Cruise. Discover the details behind the investigations that led to the suspension of driverless testing and the resignation of top executives.

3. General Motors’ Cost-Cutting Move and Cruise’s $8 Billion Plunge

General Motors announces cost-cutting measures as Cruise faces staggering losses, exceeding $8 billion since 2016. Uncover the financial turmoil that pushed GM to support Cruise’s tough call on job cuts.

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